Bad Habits That Can Give Negative Impact For Our Healthy

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Bad-Habits-That-Can-Give-Negative-Impact-For-Our-Healthy-2-300x195 Bad Habits That Can Give Negative Impact For Our HealthyIn this era all people don’t give attention for our healthy. They assume that life is for find money and complete their needed. Sometimes they forget that any habbit that isn’t good for their healthy but they unconcious about it. any reason that can make we forget about the safety, like many work that must completed, we want get many practice, and etc.

So we don’t matter about all of we doing though is not good for our healthy. In this oppurtunity we will discuss about some habits that noit good for our healthy. We hope after read this article we can more careful than before.

  1. Stay up

Stay up is one bad habit that doing by many people, actually young people. They make stay up be an habit, so they sometimes spend all the night with drink coffee and etc. We must know, if stay up be a routine in our life, so we can face any problem in our health. Stay up can broke your heart and lungs.

  1. Take a bath in the night

Take a bath is one obligation for us to protect our health and clean our body from virus, toxin and etc. But take a bath in the night can give negative impact for you. Cold water in the night isn’t same with cold water in the morning, because the water has negative contained. And then this cold water can make you reumatic.

  1. Eating while standing

Our prophet Muhammad SAW say that we must eat and drink with sit. Because it can give some positive impact for our healthy. But in this era many people don’t know and forgat, they eat while standing. So your food dirrectly to gastric without any process, it is very dangerous four your healthy.

  1. Drinking while standing

If we drink while standing, so it dirrectly to kidney without some process. It can broke pour kidney. Until now, eat with sit can avoid the problem for our healthy.

  1. Eat junk food

Junk food is delicious, but it this food there are many bad substances. It can give you problem in the future like cancer and etc. So until now avoid it and cook the healthy food. Because it better than junk food.

  1. Smoke

Smoke is one of habit that many people like do it. Though they now many negative impact for smoke, they stay do it. We must know that many bad substance in smoke can make blood frozen. And this problem can give you many problem in your healthy.

  1. Eat the spicy food

Now, Spicy food be a favourite food. All people like consume eat, thjey assume this food is very delicious. But we must remember that spicy food isn’t good if you cansume excessive, so you will get negative impact, like can broke your digestion system. Because your gistrac can broke.

  1. Use earphone

In this era we always use earphone to listen the music, movie and etc. We forget that earphone can disturb our ear. If we don’t stop this bad habit, your ear organ can broke.

  1. Bring the hard thing

Sometimes we bring harg thing like bag or other. It can give us some problem. When we bring some hard thing, it can make oru bone was injured. It can make us difficult to do something. So you must organize your thing that can bring in certain activities.

  1. Use the highheels

Many woman like use highheels to look beauty. But they unconcious that this shoes can give some negative impact for our healthy, like broke our bone, slouch and etc. So we can solve this problem with use other shoes that can give us safety.

  1. Drink alcohol

Alcohol is one drink that has many bad substance, but we can look around us that many people drink it. if this activities be a routine that can give negative impact for our healthy like liver, kidney and etc.

Now we must more careful than before, all activities that include in this article isn’t for your healthy. So doing positive activities and implement the healthy life concept in our life. If you stay doing bad activities, you can get negative impact on your healthy. So until know life with healthy concept and avoid the bad habits.

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