Benefit Of Honey For Your Health

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Benefit-of-Honey-for-your-health-300x265 Benefit of Honey for your healthHoney is one food that has many positive impact for our life, not only has sweet teste but has many benefit for our healthy. There are many kind of honey like black honey, nature honey and etc. Some of people has variety to consume the honey, like consume directly, mix with milk, mix with other herbal, and etc. Is not seceretly that honey can make me healthy, so in this article we will discuss about the benefits of honey.

  1. Improve our stamina

Chemistry’s contained in honey can improve our stamina. When feel so tired, we can consume honey directly or mix with other component.

  1. Lose the cough

Honey can lose trhe cough because it has a cointain that good for cough. This cointain is dextrometorfan (DM), it effective to lose the virus or bacteri that can make cough. So when you cough and there is not the solution, you can consume the honey regularly. In one riset show us that some of people that consume honey tea can increase the cough intensity.

  1. Prevent the cancer

Cancer is one kind of dengerous diseases, there are many people was die because this disease. So when peoeple around us have cancer we can give suggestion to consume the honey. Honey is good for prevent or cure the cancer. Because in the honey has any contained like flavonoid, antioxid that can increase the cancer impact.

  1. Improve our brain memory

There are many factor can make us forget, like many problem, age, and etc. When we want to improve our memory so consume honey. In one riset show us that some of woman consume honey in 4 month can improve the memory.

  1. Cure the injury

Honey is good for cure the injury, many contained in honey can close the injury and steril the bacteri in our injury. So if injured, you can spread the honey in that areas.

  1. Cure the allergy

Honey has anti inflamasi that can reaction with the allergy. So when you want to avoid the allergy, you can consume honey to solve the problem.

  1. Face the bactery

Contained in the honey can kill the patogen’s disease. So our body was protected from all virus or anything that can cause the disease.

  1. Product the white blood cells

We need white blood cells to improve our body’s imune. With the strong imune, our body can face the virus or bactery that can cause the disease. We can improve production of white blood cells with consume the honey regularly.

  1. Improve the fertility

Fertility is onething that very important to us. When we has good fertility so we can doing perfectly. All of us crtain agree that fertility is very important. If we want to improve our fertility, so we can consume the honey to reach it.

  1. Prevent the diabetes

All of us certain like the sweet teste, but we don’t know that sweet food can give negative impact for our health. If we over to consume the sweet food, it can cause the diabetes. So we can solve this problem  with consume the honey. It’s no problem that we consume the honey, becuase sweet taste in honey different with other. Honey has the combination between fruktosa and glukosa that can make sugar level balanced.

  1. Protect the skin healthy

We can protect the skin healthy with consume the honey or making mask from honey. Honey maskcan give moist and can refresh our skin.

  1. Good for pregnance’s woman

When pregnance, there are many difficult that must face by woman. You can consume the honey to help you when pregnance. Contained in honey can make embryo easy to developt, improve the stamina, increase the sickening and etc. So honey can help woman’s pregnance.

  1. Protect the hair

When we will take care our hair healthy, we can consume the honey. Contained in the honey can make hair nore strong than before.

Benefit-of-Honey-for-your-health-300x265 Benefit of Honey for your healthThere are benefits of honey for our health, its is indeed honey is very good for us. As a muslim we certain know that honey is on the AL-Qur’an. In this surat tell about the meny benefits of honey, ands honey be a healthy food that recommended for all of people

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