Healthy Food For Pregnant Woman

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Healthy-Food-for-Pregnant-Woman-300x195 Healthy Food for Pregnant WomanWhen pregnant the woman must protect their healthy, and always get many nutrition. We must know that in pregnant the woman do anything some wrong, so it can disturb their pregnant. For example the woman can disease, the baby can be an abnormal people, maybe can abort. So we must be careful when pregnant.

As a woman that was in pregnant’s time, all of you can protect our pregnant with consume the healthy food. If you want to know what the kind of healthy food that can you consume. So you must read it. Because in this article we will show you about kinds of healthy food that good for woman’s pregnant.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil is important for pregnant woman. This oil is good for keep the healthy skin of mother. We must know that in pregnant time, your skin can dull, so you look so weak. Is not reason to always appear beauty though in pregnant time.

  1. Milk

Many woman always consume the milk when in pregnant. Milk can give high protein for woman. So they can get many energy for milk. not only it there are many product of milk that can keep and protect the woman’s healthy in pregnant time. Is not only important for mother, but milk is also important for baby.

  1. Soybean product

Soybean has many protein contained. And all of us know that in pregnant the woman need many protein to keep their energy. We know in pregnant the woman has many weight and difficult do anything. So they must consume the protein to add the energy.

  1. Meat without fat

Meat is one of healthy food that needed by pregnant woman. Meat has many nutrition like protein, iron, and etc. Beside that meat has higher zinc more than other, that can make easily in labor process.

  1. Walnut

Walnut is one of food that has contained omega 3, like a salmon that has high omega 3. We know that omega 3 is good for improvement the intelligence and brain development of embrio.

  1. Cassava

Cassava is good to consume by pregnant woman, because in cassava that has karetonoid and then changes to vitamin A, and this vitamin is needed by pregnant woman.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one good food to pregnant woman. Oatmeal has complex carbohydrate that can complete your nutrition needed. And then the oatmeal can keep the cholesterol level in our body.

  1. Broccoli

There are many contained in broccoli like, vitamin A, C and K, folat acid. So this is very good for pregnant woman.

  1. Corn

Corn is the one food that has many nutrition for our health, actually for pregnant woman. There is vitamin B12 that can help the blood system smoothly. And then the corn is one nabati’s protein for pregnant woman

  1. Carrot

Carrot has a high vitamin A, it can gie the eyes healthy of embrio. so when the baby come out from the mother, thay have a good eyes.

  1. Apple

Apple has many nutrition for pregnant woman. When they consume apple regularly so that can improve the development of embrio.

  1. Avocado

Avocado has many good contained for pregnant woman, like folat acid, calium and complex vitamin B. Folat acid in avocado has function to improve the intellegence of embiro and improve the backbone development of embrio. and the function of vitamin B can manage the sickeneing of pregnant woman.

  1. Banana

All of us definite to consume the banana, in this fruit that has high folat acid. If we consume it, our absorption system can be good and then the banana can help pregnant woman to manage the sickening.

  1. Papaya

Papaya is one fruit that has high fiber contained. If your body can complete the fiber needed so your absorption system can work perfectly. It can maka comfortable situation for pregnant woman.

Thats all the healthy food that can consume by woman’s pregnant. If you in pregnant, so you must avoid anything that can give negative impact for your pregnant. And you must remember when pregnant avoid the hard activities and don’t to eat anything some food that has negative impact for your pregnant like soda, junk food and etc. We must remember that pregnant is one moment thats very important in our life, so keep your healthy to get the happiness.

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