How To Protect Our Bone’s Healthy

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How-to-Protect-Our-Bone’s-Healthy-300x193 How to Protect Our Bone’s HealthyBone is one organ that has important funtion. Without bone we can’t do anything. We can imagine if there is a problem in our bone, so we can’t productive, we will difficult to get some happiness. Sometimes we unconcious doing activities that can give negative impact for our bone. In this era not only  old people has problem in bone, but some of young person can have problem in their bone. It can be caused beacuse they improper when do anything, not attention their bone’s healthy.

And then we will discuss about any problem in our bones, like osteoporhosis, scoliosis, lordosis, bone’s cancer, injured and etc. That problem can happen because we do anything without give attention for the impact. Before late, we can solve this problem. In this article we will discuss about how to protect our Bone’s healthy.

  1. Walk around

Walk in the morning can give many benefits for us. Not only can active our bone, thye light of the sun can give some nutrition that can strengthen our bone. This activity can doing in the morning or afternoon but the perfect time is in the morning.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is the one kind of sport that can actively all of body’s part. Not only for respiration training, swimming can make strengthen our bone like in foot, hand, chest and etc. So if we want to have strong and healthy bone, we can swimming regularly.

  1. Sit with the right position

For you that sometimes work with site, like in office, IT and etc please attention on your sit position. Because the obnormal in our bone was caused when we sit with wrong position. So we must be carreful when we sit.

  1. Use the comfortable bed

If we sleep in right bed so it can give feel comfortabe for our bone. The good be can give refresh for our bone.  We can imagine that the bed is not good, so our sleep can’t comfortable and finally can give problem for our bone.

  1. Consume the calsium

Calsium is one nutrition that good for our bone’s development. We can get calsium from milk, cheese, yougurt, fruits, some vegetables, soybean and etc. We must know that calsium can hold the bone structure and face the virus or bacteri that can make our bone broken.

  1. Don’t bring hard thing

When we want to protect our bone’s healthy, please don’t bring anything some hard. Because our bone have certain capacity, if we stay bring hard thing, so it can make ourbackbone was broken. And finally we difficult to doing activities.

  1. Standing ordinary

In all activities, you must effort your body always in standing position. Because sometimes we forget, we follow the hardwork so we lean croocked. This is not good for our brain. Actually in the future you can be a croocked people, so you will lose your convidence.

  1. Doing sport

Sport is the main key to protect our bone’s healthy, because with sport we can stimulus bone to contraction and give the good nutrition for our body. And then with sport we can remove the posion in our body by sweat.

  1. Consume the suplement

There are many suplement around us. In this suplement there is contained calsium. This calsium can give positive impact for our bone. The suplement can help the development of our brain.

  1. Avoid the soda

Soda isn’t good for you, because it has high fosfor contained. High fosfor can dismiss the calsium in your bone. So the bone can be broke.

  1. Don’t smoke

Smoke isn’t good for our healthy, nicotin in this smoke very dengerous. This contained can increase the bone’s massa. So if you want to has a strong and healthy bone, so avoid the smoke.

  1. Consume the black garlic

Black garlic is one of herbal that has many contained for our healthy. Black garlic has many contained that can give benefits for our healthy, one of them is sulphur, it can make our bone strangthen than before.

There are some treatment that can we do for protect the bone’s healthy. That is so simple so doing it to get something good. If you want to success, please protect your bone because in all your activities need the help from our bone.

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