How To Protect Our Eyes Health

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How-to-Protect-Our-Eyes-Health-300x158 How to Protect Our Eyes HealthEyes is one of human organ that has many function, and be an urgent organ in our life. We can read, look, communication, walk because of our eyes. Without eyes we can’t do anything perfectly and difficult to doing all activities. For example if we walk without eyes we need some help for other people, we difficult to know the traffic and etc.

So we must keep or protect our eyes health with the good activities and avoid the wrong activities. We must know that eyes is one of organ that has sensitif respon. So we must be careful to protect it. in this article we will discuss together about the way to protect our eyes health.

  1. Consume Carrots

Carrot is one vegetables that have good impact for eyes health. The one contain of carrot is vitamin A. This vitamin is very good to your eyes, it can kepp ypur eyes healt and give many nutrition to your eyes. There are two ways to consume the carrot. The first we can consume the carrot in the food and the second we can making jus from carrot. If we regularly consume the carrot so we can protect our eyes.

  1. Consume bananas

Banana is tthe great fruit that have many nutrition contain. Many people consume the banana for their breakfast and etc. Because banana can give full feel and has sweet teste. Evidently banana can give positive impact for eyes health because it has contain the vitamin A. Like the vitamin in carrot, so the banana can kepp ypur eyes health. There are many way to consume the banana like making jus, eat directly and etc.

  1. Consume papayas

Same with banana, papaya has many nutrition like vitamin A. Papaya is the fruit that good for our eyes. The part of papaya that can consume is the fruit, the leave, the flower. All of part can give protect for our eyes. The way to consume fruit is eat directly but for leave and flower we can make for food, like vegetable papaya and many other. So papya can be a solution to protect our eyes.

  1. Donn’t read with sleep

The bad habbit that can broke our eyes health is read with sleep. If you have this habbit please avoid it. because when we read book or comic in the sleep position your eyes must workhard and some part in the eyes can broke. This position give some harder for our eyes. So if we do it, our eyes was broken. We can get the obnormal eyes, like miopi, blind and etc. So please avoid it if you want your eyes always normal.

  1. Don’t look the tv in near place

The light of TV can broke the saraf in your eyes. The lens of your eyes is difficult to get hard light for TV. So if we want to look TV please give a distance. Your distance can influence the eyes work, if your distance is right so your eyes can work normaly, but if your distance wrong so your eyes must hardwork.

  1. Don’t play computer in long time

If you play computer please give attention to your time. Play computer in long time can broke your eyes. Not only the light of computer, your sit position can broke your eyes, because your backbone get many contraction so this effect in eyes too. So if you want to play computer please give attention in the time.

  1. Protect eyes from dust

If you drive or walk in the way please protect your eyes from the dust. Because the dust can broke our eyes fastly. For example if the dust come in your eyes, directly you swipe your eyes with your hand. This habbit is wrong and can give ngetaive impact for your eyes. So if you driver or wlak in highway please protect your eyes with using helm or etc.

  1. Don’t use contact lens in long time

Using contact lens in long time can broke your eyes. Beacuse your eyes can’t free work if there are a other component ike a contact lens. It can dengerous if you use a contact lens and forget to dismiss it. so be careful if you want to use contact lens.

  1. Don’t smoke

Smoke is one habbit that can give negative impact for our health. The contain of smoke like nikotin can disturb your eyes work. So please avoid smoke if you want protect your eyes health.

There are tips and teick to protect our eyes health. We can succes and easy to life with the normal eyes. So we must protect it and doing anything that have positive impact for our health.

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