How To Stop Your Smoke Habit

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How-to-Stop-Your-Smoke-Habit-2-245x300 How to Stop Your Smoke HabitSmoke is one of bad habit that can give negative impact in our life actually in healthy. Smoke has many bad substance that dangerous for our healthy. So we must say no for smoke. We must begin implement the healthy life concept and stop the bad habit.

Maybe you as a member that smoke was difficult to stop their habit. But all of you that has ben smoke don’t cried because in this article we want to share the effective way or treatment that can stop our habit.

  1. Consume honey

When you would to change our life, there are many contained in honer like vitamin, calsium, healthy food. That contained is good for face the smoke. We can’t stop the smoke with consume the honey. I think all of us don’t difficult to consume it, because around us there are many honey.

  1. Grape juice

Grape has acid that can pull out the nicotine from our body. So when we need something good to stop smoke, we can consume the grape with juice. Not only delicious but grapes can help our body to face the toxin from smoke.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one food that good for increase the smoke wanted. There are many contained in the oats is very good for clean the toxin in our body. We can consume it when we has thing to smoke again.

  1. Drink many water

The water can lose the toxin that production when we smoke. When we have wanted to smoke again please don’t do it, you must drink many water so we don’t smoke again. The water is have many benefits for our healthy.

  1. Chili

Chili is one thing that can increase the smoke wanted. Many contained in chili can protect the respiration system. Not only it, hot taste in the chili can make us avoid the smoke.

  1. Eat candy

Eat candy can make our mouth active, and can’t smoke. Automatically when our mouth was active, so we don’t interested with the smoke. Not only it candy has hard structure, so need long time to consume it.

  1. Making busy in the life

When we busy, so there is no one thing we want to smoke. We can do anything some good like sport, holiday, read novel and etc. This treatment is very effective because there is no time to smoke.

  1. Positive thinking

When we effort to avoid the smoke, so we must always positive thinking. We must thing that don’t smoke can give many benefits for us. When we thing is not delicious if we don’t smoke, we want to smoke. In this position we must face it, and positive thinking that we can do it.

  1. Carrot juice

Carrot has antioxid that can repair some broken cells because smoke. We can consume the carrot with making juice. The taste from carrot can make us feel some bad to smoke again. So if you have thing to smoke, you can face it with the carrot juice.

  1. Salt water

Salt is one thing that can increase your wanted to smoke. The salty taste can give you bad feel to smoke. You can consume the salt everytime that you want to smoke. In some riset that show us, salt can manage our wanted to smoke, because salty taste can create the bad taste in smoke.

  1. Milk

Milk is one drink that has many good contained for our healthy like fat, glucosa, and etc. When we hope avoid the smoke, so we can drink milk every day in early morning. The sweet taste that stay in our mouth can give bad taste to smoke.

  1. Orange water

Vitamin C that was in the orange water can give us some energy and good mood. So the smoke desire can increase by this treatment. Not only it, acid taste from orange can make us feel bad for smoke. So you can regularly drink the orange water do avoid smoke.

If you want to stop your smoke habit, so you must all out and do anything that can help you to avoid the smoke. That are the simple and easy way that can doing.the most important thing, when we want to stop smoke we must intend to doing the treatment. If we don’t have relation with the expert, maybe we come out for me

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