Improve the Intellegence with The Healthy Food

Improve The Intellegence With The Healthy Food

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Improve-the-Intellegence-with-The-Healthy-Food-300x191 Improve the Intellegence with The Healthy FoodAll of people want to be an intellegence person. With the good intelegence we can doing anything, we can find job easily, we can finish our work fast, and any other. But we must know and remember that Our God give us the unique intellegence that one person is different with other person.

So we must know that and improve our intellegence. Not only study but we need good and complete nutrition for improve our intellegence. We must know that around us there are many foods, fruits and vegetables that can consume and can improve our intellegence. In this article we will show you about the kind of fruits, foods and vegetables that good for our brain.

  1. Salmon

Salmon fish has high omega 3 that can good for brain healthy. When we consume the salmon it can improve the brain memory. Many doctor suggest us to consume the salmon fish if we want to improve our intellegence.

  1. Milk and yougurt

Milk or yogurt have many contained like protein, vitamin B, calsium, vitamin D, and calium. They can give positive impact for our brain, actually in memory. In one study show the result that people that consume milk or yogurt have good memory than people that don’t consume. Vitamin D in the milk is important to strengthen the muscle nerves of our brain.

  1. Berry fruits

When we consume the berry fruit, automatically your intellegence was improved. Because berry fruits like strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and etc have contain high antioxid. It can make our brain work perfectly, our memory was improved and good for our development brain. We can consume berry fruit on jus or eat dirrectly.

  1. Egg

All of us agree that egg is one of food that has many nutrition for our body. The yellow of egg has high colin that is goo for our brain. Colin can help the brain worker, and then the colin in yellow egg can improve your memori. So if we consume the egg, automatically our intellegence was improved.

  1. Oatmeal

Oaetmeal is one of sereal that can be a completing food for our body. Oatmeal has many nutrition that important for our brain. There are many contained in oatmeal like vitamin B, vitamin E, seng, calsium, and fiber. All of them can improve the brain work. So when we breakfast with oatmeal, so we can improve our intellegence.

  1. Fresh meat

Fresh meat has many positive impact for brain development. Meat has high vitamin B12 that can repair brain cells and improve the brain work.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate is the food that has sweet and delicious teste. Many people like to consume it. when we consume chocolate can avoid the demensia and can improve the brain work.

  1. Brocolli

Brocolli is one of vegetables that has many good nutrition for our brain. There some contain in brocolli like vitamin B, vitamin K and colin. These contained can improve our brain work.

  1. Black garlic

In this era, there is one herbal that famous in the part of healthy. Black garlic is the result from garlic fermentation. This process can give many nutrition that can protect our brain healthy.

  1. Carrot

In the carrot there are many contained like vitamin B, vitamin C, beta karoten that can improve the brain memori and brain function.

  1. Tomato

Like the spinach, tomato has licophene that can protect our brain from ony virus that can cause the diseases, like alzheimer and etc. So we can consume the tomato to improve the barin healthy.

  1. Spinach

Spinach is very good for our brain. There are contain in this vegetables are folat, vitamin B and vitamin K. Those contained can avoid the demensia and alzheimer. So if we want to protect our brain healthy so consume spinach regularly.

Thats all the healthy food that can improve your intellegence and can protect your brain’s work. And then we must avoid the junk food, because there are many bad contained that can give negative impact for our healthy. So we can life balanced, we must consume some healthy food and implement the helthy life concept in our life. There are so simple and can doing by all of people. Good intellegence good performance.

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