Negative Impact Of Smoke

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Bad-Habits-That-Can-Give-Negative-Impact-For-Our-Healthy-1-300x202 Negative Impact of SmokeSmoke is one of bad habit that many people do it. They smoke with many reason, for example they assume that smoke can give comfortable situation, improve the spirit, avoid stress.

But we must know smoke is stay dangerous though with many reason. In this era some of people was die becuase smoke. But that can’t make them stop their bad habit. So in this article we will show you about many dangerous of smoke.

Before that, we will show you about the bad contained in the smoke, there are :

  • Nicotine, material for pesticid
  • Tar, material of aspalt
  • Hexamyne, substance for turn on the charcoal
  • Toluence, material for making paint
  • Acetone, one contained in fingernail’s cleaned
  • Acetic acid, one contained in hair color
  • Amonia, substance for clean the floor
  • Arsenic, subtance for rat posion
  • Butane, material for making white liquid
  • Benzene, found in rubber production
  • Carbon monoxide, gas from burning process
  • Lead, one material in battery
  • Methanol, roast material of rocket
  • Cadmium, one active component in the battery

All of them is very dangerous when enter in our body. Our healthy can disturb by smoke. So if you want to save please avoid smoke. Now we will show you about the negative impact of smoke.

  1. Cause the stroke

Substances in smoke can cause the liquid blood in our brain. So the work of brain is stopped, and then our body can difficult to work too. This problem can cause the stroke. When we stroke, automatically we don’t do anything. We just silent and sit.

  1. Disturb the blood system

Nicotine and other bad substance can broke the blood confection. So if we stay smoke our body can difficult to do anything because the blood system can’t work perfectly.

  1. Improve the blood levels

Smoke can cause the improvement the blood levels, its can make the heart work hard for pump out the blood. If this problem stay happen, so your heart function can passive, and many disease can attack your body.

  1. Cause the heart disease

Effect from smoke is stop the blood flow, so the blood was frozen. It can make heart hard contraction and can’t get the enough oxygen. So our heart can injured.

  1. Disturb the respiration siklus

Main material in smoke is tobacco. The tobacco can’t disturb the respiration system. If we smoke, that can cause the asma. So we can get uncomfortable situation and can’t respiration perfectly.

  1. Blind

You must know that smoke can broke our eyes. Contained in smoke like nicotine and etc can broke the retina. So if you stay smoke, you can’t see again.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is one disease that can make me die. So if you want to avoid it please don’t smoke. Because in the smoke there are many bad contained like nicotine, tar and other. So we must avoid smoke.

  1. Daibetes

Smoke can cause the diabetes, bad contained in the smoke has high sugar level. So if you smoke anytime that can give bad impact for your health.

  1. Disturb the reproduction organ

For man, smoke can disturb your reproduction organ. Contain in  smoke can increase your fertility. So you can’t feel the harmony in your family.

  1. Broke the bone and tooth

Bone is one part of body that has important role, without it we can’t do anything. It same with tooth, we need it to eat. With smoke we can broke these part. So stop smoke until now if you want to protect our health.

  1. Can’t sleep perfectly

In one riset, show the result that people who smoke in their life difficult to sleep. They don’t feel comfortable when their sleep. This problem because reaction from nicotine. Sleep quality can interuped our life quality.

  1. Aging early

Bad contained in smoke like amonia, butane and etc can broke the skin cells. So we will was aging early. Our skin isn’t light, weak, and etc. So we look so old before the certain time. When you want to look beauty or handsome so you must avoid the smoke until know.

We can look that, smoke is not good for us. No reason that can permit us to smoke. Until now we must avoid smoke and implement the healthy life. Stop your smoke habit to get the beautiful life.

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