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Take-Care-Our-Face-Naturally-and-Easily-300x202 Take Care Our Face Naturally and EasilyWe agree that have a beauty face is the dream. We can convidence, we can do anything easily and can communicate with other perfectly. Not only woman want have a beauty face, but man too. In this era there are many cleaned face product in the market. And all of people use it to protect the skin beauty. But we must careful, because not all product is good for our skin health.

We can look, there are many woman that have problem with their face. It can be happen because some reason. They use wrong cosmetic, forget to clean their cosmetic, get many dust for pollution and any other. So the woman always find the product that can help them. Whereas there is one way that easy to do, we can keep our beauty face with naturally. It can use many nature matter. In this article we will discuss about some matter that can we use to clean our skin and making beauty face.

  1. Apple

Not only have a delicious and sweet taste. Apple has good substance that good for our face. Apple can help us to minimize the oil in our face and make our face fresh. You can make mask from this fruit, you can blend apple without water, and then spread it to your face. Wait 15 minutes, finally clean with water.

  1. Tomato

Tomato is effective for clean your face from toxin. Tomato can clean the stain, from dust, acne and etc. You can use tomato like apple, we can blend tomato and then spread it to our face. Wait until 15 minutes, and then clean with water.

  1. Banana

Banana is not only good for our body, but banana is effective to make our face beauty. Banana has many nutrition for our face. Consume it and mix with the honey to get maximal result.

  1. Papaya

Papaya can make your face lightening and fresh. You can use it to our face, you can refine and mix the green’s papaya and orange’s papaya. And then spread for our face, wait until 10 minutes, finally clean with water.

  1. Potato

You must know that potato can make your face clean and white. You can cut the potata until small pieces,then mashed it. and remember mix it with tea and honey to get the perfect result. Wait until 20 minutes and clean it with water. This blend suitable for all skin type.

  1. Yogurt

All of us want to have a beauty and fresh face. To get it we can use yogurt mask. In the yogurt there are many good substance for our face. We can make mask from mixing the yogurt and honey. Spread this blend for your face and wait 10 minutes. Finally clean it with water.

  1. Almond

We can use almond as mask for our face. We can mix almond with milk and turmeric. Spread this blend to make face look more lightening.

  1. Milk

Contain in the milk is good for our face. We can use milk as a mask, spread the milk to our face and then feel the sensation. Milk can lose the broke skin cells in our face.

  1. Avocado

For you that difficult to clean your make up, you can use avocado oil. Avocado has good substance that can clean the dirty face. Not only that, avocado also can minimize the oil in your face. So your face can look beauty and fresh.

  1. Olive oil

We can use olive oil to protect the face healthy. This oil has many good substance that can avoid the face from dried. So your face always look fresh and beauty.

  1. Lime

Lime has high vitamin C, this contained can making close the skin pores and making your face skin smoothly. You can use the liquid from lime to be a mask. You can spread this liquid, and than wait until 10 minute, clean with the warm water in the first period, and the second clean with cold water.

This is the nature solution, can help you to reach your wanted. Give solution without any problem. we hope after read this article, you can get many solution to make your face beautifully and clean. Think smart and changes your concept, don’t use chemistry matter but use the nature matter.

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